Clearcut photo by Jym St Pierre
.Mature Red Pine photo by George Wuerthner



Plum Creek Watch


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RESTORE seeks to promote the restoration and permanent protection of New England’s wild places. To date, our major focus has been on key state lands in Massachusetts and Maine, the White Mountain National Forest of Maine and New Hampshire, and the Green Mountain National Forest of Vermont. These forests provide critical ecological, recreational, and social values, yet our public agencies often allow them to be damaged by excessive logging, intensive recreational development, and minimal management of visitor use. Even worse, the American taxpayer is providing subsidies to fund destructive activities on some of our public lands, such as national forests.

Over the past fifteen years, RESTORE has effectively slowed the rate of damage to key public lands and recruited other conservation groups to join in the fight to preserve New England’s remaining wilderness areas. During the last several years, RESTORE has:

  • Joined other environmental and conservation groups to work for the preservation of the Katahdin Lake parcel. This exquisite parcel of wilderness has been saved and has been added to Baxter State Park for all to enjoy for eternity.
  • Helped win protection for the largest remaining old-growth forest groves in Massachusetts--on Wachusett Mountain State Reservation--when it was threatened by ski area development;
  • Settled a legal challenge to the Loon Mountain Ski Area, which agreed to phase out water withdrawals from the pristine Loon Pond;
  • Helped to establish a coalition of grassroots organizations dedicated to protecting forests, wildlife, and public lands in the region and across the nation;
  • And hosted two major events on forest restoration: Voices for Thoreau’s Wild New England, a conference featuring several nature writers, and the 12th Annual National Forest Reform Rally in New Hampshire.

RESTORE seeks to re-ignite a wilderness movement in New England by inspiring a cultural commitment to wild forests in this region, as well as assure legal, lasting protection for key wilderness areas.