Americans for a Maine Woods National Park

The following leaders serve on the national advisory committee,
Americans for a Maine Woods National Park.These nearly
120 distinguished Americans are scientists, poets and writers,
business people, performing artists, religious leaders,
conservationists,athletes, journalists,statesmen, artists,
and educators, bound by the common thread of endorsing America’s
next great national park. These remarkable people are notably influencing
the creation of a 3.2 million-acre Maine Woods National Park & Preserve
to protect this living legacy for our nation



Diane Ackerman, New York, Author
VernonAlden, Massachusetts, International Affairs
Buzz Aldrin, California, Astronaut
Chester Atkins, Massachusetts, US Representative
Mary Ellen Avery, Massachusetts, Physician
Kate Barnes, Maine, Maine Poet Laureate
Rick Bass, Montana, Author
Marc Bekoff, Colorado, Professor
Harry Belafonte, New York, Singer/songwriter
Thomas Berry, North Carolina, Cultural Historian
Wendell Berry, Kentucky, Author and Farmer
Sally Grover Bingham, California, Theologian
Brent Blackwelder, Washington, DC, Environmentalist
Nina Leopold Bradley, Wisconsin, Botanist /writer
Jeff Bridges, California, Actor
*David Brower, California, Preservationist
Dale L. Bumpers, Arkansas, Attorney
Mary Chapin Carpenter, Washington, DC, Singer
Yvon Chouinard, California, Environmentalist
*John N. Cole, Maine, Journalist
Joseph E. Connolly, Florida, Politician
Bob Cousy, Massadhusetts, Basketball star
*Walter Cronkite, New York, Journalist
Ted Danson, California, Actor/environmentalist
John P. DeVillars, Massachusetts, Environmentalist
Calvin B. DeWitt, Wisconsin, Ecologist
Leonardo diCaprio, California, Actor/producer
Gretel Ehrlich, California, Author
John Elder, Vermont, Professor/environmentalist
Brock Evans, Washington, DC, Environmentalist
Renee Fleming, New York, Opera singer
Harrison Ford, Wyoming, Actor/conservationist
Dave Foreman, New Mexico, Conservationist
Richard T. T. Forman, Massachusetts, Professor
David R. Foster, Massachusetts, Ecologist
Morgan Freeman, Mississippi, Actor/director
Michael Frome, Washington, Journalist
Annie Getchell, Maine, Writer and TV hostess
Gordon Glover, Maine, Editor and Publisher
Jane Goodall, UK and Tanzania, Primatologist
Ursula Goodenough, Missouri, Professor
Paul Haertel, Maine, NPS Superintendent
Michael S. Harper, Rhode Island, Professor/author
Ed Harris, California, Actor/director/producer
Paul G. Hawken, California, Environmentalist
*John Hay, Massachusetts & Maine, Author
Bernd Heinrich, Vermont, Professor/author
Don Henley, Texas, Singer/songwriter
Michael Herz, Maine, Environmentalist
Julia Butterfly Hill, California, Preservationist
*Celia M. Hunter, Alaska, Conservationist
Holly Hunter, California, Actress
Lauren Hutton, New York, Model/environmentalist
Wes Jackson, Kansas, Geneticist
Stephanie Kaza, Vermont , Professor
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr, New York, Lawyer/Author
Roger G. Kennedy, New Mexico, Businessman
Robert Kimber, Maine, Writer / wilderness explorer
Edward Koren, Vermont, Artist / cartoonist
Bill Kurtis, Illinois, Television Host
Anne LaBastille, New York, Author / Ecologist
Will LaPage, Maine, Professor
Terrell S. Lester, Maine, Fine Art Photographer
Laura Linney, New York, Actress
Barry Lopez, Oregon, Essayist / Author
Jerry Mander, California, Author / Ecologist
Lynn Margulis, Massachusetts, Professor
Martha Marks, Illinois, Founder REP
Cherie Mason, Maine, Author / Radio Journalist
Walter E. Massey, Georgia, College President
Peter Matthiessen, New York, Writer / Explorer
Michael McCloskey, Oregon, Sierra Club Executive
Paul N. McCloskey, Jr.,California, Lawyer / Professor
Bill McKibben, New York, Author
Don McLean, Maine, Singer / Songwriter
*Ellen Meloy, Utah, Author / Naturalist
Stephanie Mills, Michigan, Author
Sy Montgomery, New Hampshire, Author
*Margaret E. Murie, Wyoming, Conservation writer
George Neavoll, Maine, Jounralist / Editor
*Gaylord Nelson,Washington, DC, Founder EarthDay
Richard Nelson, Alaska, Cultural Anthropologist
Reed Noss, Florida, Professor / Conservationist
David W. Orr, Ohio, Professor
Tom Paquette, Pennsylvania, Artist
Roger Payne, Vermont, Whale Researcher
Carl Pope, California, Sierra Club Executive
Thomas Michael Power, Montana, Professor
Robert Redford, Utah, Film Director / Actor
*Christopher Reeve, New York, Actor
*Galen Rowell, California, Nature Photographer
Tom Rush, Wyoming, Singer / Songwriter
Richard Russo, Maine , Author / Screenwriter
Jan Schlichtmann, Massachusetts, Attorney
David Sibley, Massachusetts, Author / Illustrator
David C. Smith, Maine, Professor / Author
Michael Soulé, Colorado, Conservationist
Page Stegner, California, Writer/ Professor
*Walkin’ Jim Stoltz, Montana, Singer / Songwriter
Eugene St. Pierre, Maine, Artist
Meryl Streep, Connecticut, Actress
William Styron, Connecticut, Author / Essayist
Brian Swimme, California, Cosmologist
John Terborgh, North Carolina, Professor / Author
Mary Evelyn Tucker, Pennsylvania, Professor
*Stewart Udall, New Mexico, Sec. of Interior
Alice Walker, Califormia, Author / Political Activist
Sam Waterston, Massachusetts, Actor
*T. H. Watkins, Montana, Professor / Author
*William J. Whalen, California, Former NPS Director
Terry Tempest Williams, Utah, Naturalist / Author
Edward O. Wilson, Massachusetts, Professor / Author
*Robin W. Winks, Connecticut, Professor / Author
Timothy E. Wirth, Colorado, Former US Senator
George M. Woodwell, Massachusetts, Woods Hole Institute Founder
Ann H. Zwinger, Colorado, Author and Naturalist


for a Maine Woods National Park
A National Advisory Committee
Watercolor courtesy of Heron Dance.