Choosing Our Future

We are five centuries too late to save the primeval North Woods. But we still have a chance to restore them.

ONCE, a great wilderness stretching from the Atlantic Ocean to the Great Plains.

THEN, a region seriously damaged
by industrial development.

TODAY, a land where wild nature
is struggling to return.

TOM ORROW, America's first restored landscape: a place of vast recovered wilderness, of forests where the wolf and caribou roam free, of clear waters alive with salmon and trout, of people once again living in harmony with nature.
This is our vision for the North Woods.Together, we can make it a reality.

RESTORE: The North Woods was founded in 1992 by conservationists who wanted to go beyond endless damage control, to begin restoring the health of entire landscapes. We wanted to focus on action, not bureaucracy. We wanted to revive the grassroots spirit that led to the great conservation victories of the past. And it is working.

RESTORE is providing leadership for positive change through three major campaigns: (1) creation of a 3.2-million-acre Maine Woods National Park; (2) recovery of the extirpated and imperiled wildlife, including the eastern timber wolf, Canada lynx, and Atlantic salmon; and (3) recovery and protection of wild forests in New England.

Through these bold projects, RESTORE has been challenging the status quo, advocating creative solutions to long-standing problems, and creating the foundation of a regional movement that can make the vision of North Woods restoration a reality. Please join us!


Photos by George Wuerthner

Plum Creek Watch



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