Moose photo by George Wuerthner
Loon photo by Lynn and Donna Rogers


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Protecting Wildlife
Many species of North Woods wildlife have been driven out or pushed to the edge of extinction by industrial development. Without these species, native ecosystems are out of balance. Since 1992, RESTORE has been on the forefront of efforts to protect endangered wildlife in the North Woods.

Through widespread grassroots organizing, coalition building, news media outreach, and legal means, RESTORE has forced the US Fish and Wildlife Service to take action on behalf of the Atlantic salmon, Canada lynx and eastern timber wolf under the Endangered Species Act. As a result, wildlife agencies have stepped up efforts to research, protect, and recover each of these imperiled wildlife species.

However, several special interest groups have vehemently opposed the recovery of endangered species. For example, wolf opponents were able to pass anti-wolf bills in Maine and New Hampshire. Some Maine politicians have lined up to lead the fight to overturn the ESA listing of the Atlantic salmon. And some resource management practices, such as coyote snaring and pre-commercial timber thinning, threaten the few remaining Canada lynx.

Much of the progress made toward endangered wildlife recovery will be in jeopardy if we don’t fight to maintain the ground we have gained. To safeguard this region’s biodiversity, RESTORE is:
  • Generating public support to give federal and state wildlife agencies the backbone they need to pursue ecologically sound recovery plans for key endangered species;
  • Acting as a “watchdog” to ensure that the Endangered Species Act is implemented according to the law;
  • Educating and activating citizens to defend wildlife from negative policies.