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Lynx Critical Habitat Revisited
New opportunity for comment
The Nov. 2006 decision of the US Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) to ignore its own proposal for designating critical habitat for the Canada lynx was tainted by political interference.  The rule that was adopted only designated a small amount of critical habitat and only in national parks in the West. The political appointee who influenced this and other endangered species decisions has resigned.  Under court order, the USFWS has submitted a new proposed rule for critical habitat for the lynx.  The new proposed rule will add back the lands previously proposed for critical habitat and will include all of the 6.4 million acres of critical habitat originally proposed in the Maine Woods. 

Public comments will be accepted by the USFWS until April 28, 2008.  Get information about submitting public comments, with a link to the full, proposed rule.
RESTORE: The North Woods, in collaboration with a number of groups around the country, submitted a notice of intent to sue to overturn the Nov. 2006 rule.  The courts then revisited previous rulings about the lynx and forced USFWS to speed up reconsideration of a new critical habitat rule for lynx. 


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